The Holiday Farm “Vecchio Torchio”, that is situated near the Cellar, offer
numerous and interesting activities at which our Customers can take part.

It will possible to observe and to learn the modern technologies for to transform
the grape in wine.

You will know the history, awry the ancient tools we preserve with care in
our Agricultural Firm. 



You/they are organized, on application, courses of course of kitchen for groups of 3/5 participants.

Also the animals are well welcomed in our Holiday Farm previous accord. 

  We discreetly speak French, English and Spanish. 

  Annual opening.   

Beginning from the imminent opening of the restaurant, meals on booking for
who sojourns in our Holiday Farm.

And more, in few kilometers, you can find: swimming pool, thermal baths,
tennis field, volleyball and football. 


For information on manifestation and initiatives of the city of Canelli you can
visit the site: